I5 Crash 09-18-09


To All Those Concerned,

We at Brother Speed Motorcycle Club would like to take this opportunity to respond publically and personally to thank each and every one of you, and the community as a whole, for the overwhelming response and support shown due to our accident on 9/18/09. We thank you all for your sincere concern, positive wishes and all the supportive letters expressing such genuine concern. (We even thank some community members for the ignorant letters we received, as it enlightened us with humor.) We not only appreciate, but are truly honored at the out pour of support and concern from both our local community and our neighboring countries (due to all the media coverage).In response to all that have expressed concern, have questions or want to follow our progress, to show our appreciation, we would like to keep you updated and we ask that during this demanding time, you join us on our website.

Again, we sincerely appreciate our community’s (and beyond) strong, supportive response and willingness to be of help during this stressful and chaotic time.  We would like to also extend our gratitude to all the emergency personnel; EMS, Fire Dept, civilians, and off duty EMT’s and Nurses that essentially went above the call of duty to ensure not only a better chance at recovering, but also initiated life saving measures that actually sustained life, and now gave our brother a chance to survive this accident. They responded quickly and did an outstanding job delivering medical aid to all of our injured. Also, we would like to especially thank all local and State P.D. for doing an outstanding job getting the situation under control and providing scene safety with such a top notch degree of professionalism and integrity. You all did an amazing job working together and provided exquisite care to each and every one of us, and our property. Thank you all!

We would also like to ask that if anyone witnessed our accident on 9/18/2009, we urge you to contact us immediately, as this would also be of great help getting all the details of our accident in order. As stated above, please refer to our website and link for contacting us.


Brother Speed Motor Cycle Club




Less wrote on his my space page

As you all probably know B.S M/C was involved in one of the worst motorcycle crashes i personally know of....27 bikes were involved in a major pile up on I-5 south of Portland. there were numerous serious injuries involved with this. The most critical being our Brother Detroit Dave. He suffered a serious head injury that we still don't know the extent of the damage. Dave is an awesome Brother! And loved where he was headed with the Black&Gold. We are praying for him every day. I am attaching a link to a website his sister made to keep track of his progress. feel free to post any words of encouragement you feel like posting. this is a trying time for all of us. thank god we have the brotherhood!!! Les.........